SAL Info

What is a SAL?
A SAL is a Stitch-A-Long, where you stitch a portion of a pattern at a time until the whole pattern is finished. Often times it's a mystery what the complete pattern is so you won't know until the end when the pattern is complete. Stitch-A-Longs are stitched as a community, so a group of stitchers will work on it at the same time and share their progress through social media.
How do I participate?
Once you purchase the SAL through the listing you will be given the information about the pattern - what supplies you will need and the schedule. Each release (or section) is emailed to you on a set schedule where you will be able to access the downloadable PDF file(s). 
How do I access the pattern files?
Once you purchase the SAL, you will be emailed the informational PDF and all released sections available as well as a password (provided in the info PDF) that grants you access to a password protected page on this site with all the downloadable information and section releases as they are available. You will have unlimited access to this page. If you ever have questions, please reach out to me. 
How to Join the Community?
You can share your progress on social media such as Instagram with the hashtag for the SAL which will be found in the informational PDF at time of purchase. There is also a Facebook group you can join to share with others who are stitching the same pattern and chat with fellow stitchers. 


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